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An efficient method of calling C++ functions from numba using clang++/ctypes/rbc

The aim of this post is to explore a method of calling C++ library functions from Numba compiled functions --- Python functions that are decorated with numba.jit(nopython=True).

While there exist ways to wrap C++ codes to Python (see Appendix below), calling these wrappers from Numba compiled functions is often not as straightforward and efficient as one would hope.

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Array Libraries Interoperability

In this blog post I talk about the work that I was able to accomplish during my internship at Quansight Labs and the efforts being made towards making array libraries more interoperable.

Going ahead, I'll assume basic understanding of array and tensor libraries with their usage in the Python Scientific and Data Science software stack.

Meme of Master Splinter leading the baby turtles from TMNT. Splinter
     represents NumPy, and the turtles represent TensorFlow, CuPy, PyTorch and JAX.Master NumPy leading the young Tensor Turtles

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Re-Engineering CI/CD pipelines for SciPy

In this blog post I talk about the projects and my work during my internship at Quansight Labs. My efforts were geared towards re-engineering CI/CD pipelines for SciPy to make them more efficient to use with GitHub Actions. I also talk about the milestones that I achieved, along with the associated learnings and improvements that I made.

This blog post would assume a basic understanding of CI/CD and GitHub Actions. I will also assume a basic understanding of Python and the SciPy ecosystem.

The picture displays a logo of Quansight Labs on the left and a logo of SciPy on the right. It signifies the primary purpose of the project at Quansight Labs to re-engineer the GitHub Actions CI for the SciPy and lay down the further scope for developing an entire CI matrix for build, test and release.Re-Engineering CI/CD pipelines for SciPy

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Using Hypothesis to test array-consuming libraries

Hypothesis logo accompanied by the text "Property-based testing for the Array API"

Over the summer, I've been interning at Quansight Labs to develop testing tools for the developers and users of the upcoming Array API standard. Specifically, I contributed "strategies" to the testing library Hypothesis, which I'm excited to announce are now available in hypothesis.extra.array_api. Check out the primary pull request I made for more background.

This blog post is for anyone developing array-consuming methods (think SciPy and scikit-learn) and is new to property-based testing. I demonstrate a typical workflow of testing with Hypothesis whilst writing an array-consuming function that works for all libraries adopting the Array API, catching bugs before your users do.

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