Quansight Labs

The public-benefit division of Quansight, Labs was created to provide a home for a “PyData core team”, which consists of developers, community leads, designers, and writers. Together we create, contribute to, and maintain open-source technology for research and data science workflows.

We also understand the needs of companies that use these projects, and aim to connect them with communities, to accelerate development and guarantee its and the project’s health, focusing on technology that tens of millions of users rely on.

We have had and continue to have the privilege of participating in these communities and understand personally the need for people to be funded to work on these projects.

Sustaining the Future of Open Source

Projects like NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Jupyter, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, Dask, Conda, and many others serve as a foundation for data science workflows and a launchpad for AI.

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Quansight Labs' work is generously supported by the following sponsors:

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Quansight Labs: Annual Report 2023

Over the past year, our team's impact and Labs-supported projects grew, and we made significant strides towards our focus areas. We invested 38,000+ hours across 35+ open source projects including PyTorch, Napari, NumPy, Polars, Jupyter, SciPy, pandas, and more. Check out our second annual report to see how we're living up to our mission of sustaining and growing community-driven open source projects and ecosystems.

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The mission of Quansight Labs is to sustain and grow community-driven open source projects and ecosystems, with a focus on the core of the PyData stack and on tools and digital infrastructure for data science, ML/AI, and scientific computing.


We created and continue to refine an innovative hybrid employment model. We give open source maintainers a significant amount of time to work on community-driven open source projects, while also spending part of their time on consulting work with Quansight's commercial clients. Benefits include learning opportunities for our team, bringing back concrete needs and ideas to open source projects, and the flexibility to scale up our contributions to the open source projects we support quickly when we receive direct financial support for them.


The majority of our efforts are aimed at maintaining and evolving existing open source projects that are critical to the PyData stack, including NumPy, Jupyter, Dask, SciPy, Pandas, and conda-forge. We aim to give talented maintainers time for necessary regular maintenance as well as for tackling hard problems that need weeks or months of dedicated time.

Our innovation activities are aimed at filling critical gaps in the PyData ecosystem.

We recognize that successful software projects require many skills and activities beyond software development: community building, technical writing, graphical design, UI/UX design, marketing, fundraising, and more. Most community-driven open source projects lack these skills. We employ writers, designers, community managers, and others with an interest in open source with the aim of growing the diversity of skills present in open source communities, and making projects more healthy and mature.

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Learn more about the projects we are actively working on

Supported Projects

Since it was founded in 2018 Labs has supported more than 20 projects. This has grown over time as our team expanded in size, and skill-sets. We provide information about the projects we support, the contributors and maintainers who support them, and some milestones they achieved.

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