Quansight Labs

Quansight Labs is a public-benefit division of Quansight created to provide a home for a “PyData Core Team” which consists of developers, community managers, designers, and writers who create and maintain open-source technology around all aspects of scientific and data science workflows.

Sustaining the future of Open Source

Projects like NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Jupyter, Matplotlib, scikit-learn, Dask, Conda, and many others serve as a foundation for data science workflows and a launchpad for AI. We have had and continue to have the privilege of participating in these communities and understand personally the need for people to be funded to work on these projects. We also understand the needs of companies that use these projects, and aim to connect communities and companies to guarantee the health and accelerate development of the projects and technology that tens of millions of users rely on.

See our Mission, Vision and Model for more.