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The mission of Quansight Labs is to sustain and grow community-driven open source projects and ecosystems, with a focus on the core of the PyData stack and on tools and digital infrastructure for data science, ML/AI, and scientific computing.


The majority of our efforts are aimed at maintaining and evolving existing open source projects that are of critical importance to the PyData stack - projects like NumPy, Jupyter, Dask, SciPy, Pandas, and conda-forge. We aim to give talented maintainers time for necessary regular maintenance as well as for tackling hard problems that need weeks or months of dedicated time.

Our innovation activities are aimed at filling critical gaps in the PyData ecosystem.

We recognize that successful software projects require many skills and activities beyond software development: community building, technical writing, graphical design, UI/UX design, marketing, fundraising, and more. Most community-driven open source projects lack these skills. We employ writers, designers, community managers, and others with an interest in open source - with the aim of growing the diversity of skills present in open source communities, and making projects more healthy and mature.

Our model

We created and continue to refine an innovative hybrid employment model. We give open source maintainers a significant amount of time to work on community-driven open source projects, while also spending part of their time on consulting work with Quansight's commercial clients. Benefits include learning opportunities for our team, bringing back concrete needs and ideas to open source projects, and the flexibility to scale up our contributions to the open source projects we support quickly when we receive direct financial support for them.

Our funding comes from multiple sources:

  • part of the Quansight consulting revenue generated by our team members flows back to Quansight Labs

  • we work with industry partners interested in supporting particular projects or our mission

  • we created Community Work Orders to allow companies to sponsor features they need - in a way that guarantees the open source projects themselves stay in charge.

  • direct funding for open source projects through grants

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