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uarray: GSoC Participation

Published March 12, 2020



Hameer Abbasi

I'm pleased to announce that uarray is participating in GSoC '20 as a sub-organization under the umbrella of the Python Software Foundation. Our ideas page is up here, go take a look and see if you (or someone you know) is interested in participating, either as a student or as a mentor.

Prasun Anand and Peter Bell and myself will be mentoring, and we plan to take a maximum of two students, unless more community mentors show up.

There have been quite a few pull requests already to qualify from prospective students, some even going as far as to begin the work described in the idea they plan to work on.

We're quite excited by the number of students who have shown an interest in participating, and we look forward to seeing excellent applications! What's more exciting, though, are some of the first contributions from people not currently at Quansight, in the true spirit of open-source software!

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