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Quansight Labs Annual Report 2022: Celebrating Growth and Sustainability in Open Source

Published February 15, 2023



Pavithra Eswaramoorthy



Noa Tamir



Ralf Gommers



Tania Allard



Irina Fumarel

We at Quansight Labs are delighted to share our first-ever annual report with you!

In these pages, we reflect on the past year and share how we're progressing towards our mission to sustain and grow community-driven open source projects and ecosystems: Download Quansight Labs Annual Report 2022.

Take a look at the infographic below for a quick report-summary.

At a Glance: Quansight Labs Annual Report 2022
Section heading: Our mission
The mission of Quansight Labs is to sustain and grow community-driven open source projects and ecosystems, with a focus on the core of the PyData stack and on tools and digital infrastructure for data science, ML/AI, and scientific computing.
Section heading: Our Community
We worked on 30+ open-source projects
Logos for Ray, SymPy, Project Jupyter, stdlib, Spyder, Bokeh, conda-forge, DataAPIs, PyTorch Ignite, Open Source Design, SciPy, pandas, scikit-learn, nd[index], Numba, Hypothesis, NumPy, Matplotlib, Python, IPython, NumFOCUS’ Diversity & Inclusion in Scientific Computing, and Napari.
These projects reached ~20 million people worldwide
We spent 12,500+ hours contributing to open source projects
A plot shows hours spent on OSS projects: 12,600 hours in 2022, compared to 7,800 hours in 2021.
And organized 230+ hours of community meetings
We supported NumFOCUS with $30,000 to keep our ecosystem healthy
A plot shows donations to NumFOCUS: $34,130 donated in Q4 2021 - Q3 2022, compared to Q4 202 - Q3 2021
Section heading: Our Culture
Labs is a public-benefit and remote-first organization, with a globally distributed team.
We brought our team together in 2 continent-wide in-person meetups in Austin (US) and Italy.
Equity, diversity, and inclusion are at the core of everything we do.
We encourage asynchronous and handbook-driven work, and emphasize clear documentation and explicit social rules.
We had an 8%+ increase in representation of employees belonging to a marginalized group in tech
A plot shows gender identity: 11.5% of employees identify as Other, 15% as a Woman, and 73% as a Man.
A plot shows LGBTQAI+ self-identification: 80% of employees said No, while 20% said Yes.
A footnote describes that the gender data includes employees who have self-identified as a man or a woman. Those who self-identified outside the gender binary (man/woman)  are counted in the Other category to avoid individual identification as we honor their choice not to be restricted by a binary system.
50% of employees have been part of Labs for 2 years or more
A plot shows time working at Labs: 32% of employees have worked at Labs for 3+ years, 20% for 2-3 years, 28% for 1-2 years, and 20% for less than 1 year.
Visit to learn more about us, and reach out to us at
Twitter: @quansightai

As members of the PyData community, the success of the open source data science ecosystem is our success. In 2022, the projects we contribute to and collaborate with continued to improve and flourish. We secured grants for substantial advancements and essential maintenance work, collaborated with industry partners on key initiatives, focused on accessibility initiatives for more people to benefit from our tools, and welcomed new enthusiastic contributors with diverse skills and backgrounds.

Most of the projects we contribute to are supported by NumFOCUS, a non-profit organization essential for the overall sustainability of our ecosystem. Extending support back to NumFOCUS is vital to our mission, so we financially sponsor NumFOCUS every quarter, corresponding to the hours our team contributes to NumFOCUS sponsored and affiliated projects. In 2022, we're very proud to have sent over $30,000. We're equally proud of the team we built and the culture we fostered at Labs throughout the year, which enabled all of these achievements.

Learn about our projects, our team, and how we work at Labs in the full report below:

Download Quansight Labs Annual Report 2022

We have many exciting plans for this new year, and thank you for being on this journey with us!

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